As long term suppliers to the hospitality industry, the ‘Hotel Retail Group’ team has a long history of developing solutions for hotel operators nationwide (retail, food service, vending, fitness, etc).
For example we are suppliers to a vast number of hotels for the Hotel Pantry, Breakfast Area, Fitness Center, Gift Shop and In Room Catering Programs.

New Website Being Created

The Team has a long history as suppliers in the hospitality industry including in the beginning when hotel pantries were being created. As shareholder partners with one of the top suppliers of hotel pantries the Retailing Group has been involved in all facets (pantry design, pantry supply and pantry marketing).

These days we are heavily involved with the design of micro markets (unmanned convenience stores in offices, factories and others) with a vast number of locations we helped create nationwide. We have our own digital signage network relating to these as well (

We are there to help design and supply new hotel pantries as well as help with the updating of older pantries needing a facelift.


We were involved in the beginning when hotel pantries were becoming when they were created to today where they are a standard offering in the industry today. As a supplier partner we are showcasing the latest trends, product offerings, fixtures and promotions going forward.  For Clients we can introduce them to the hospitality retail and food service formats.

Our site will feature offerings such as store planning, supply partners, fixture offerings and more.

Contact: – 702-218-2580